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Daily columnist for RealMoney at TheStreet.com. Chief Investment Strategist (CIS) for S.A.M (Simplified Asset Management), a long/short hedge fund based in Miami, Florida from 2008 to 2011. Fund was in top five percent of long/short hedge funds for total return in its first full year(2009) ranked by Hedgeco fund database(over 450 funds in category). Follow me on Twitter at Bret Jensen@Bret_Jensen.


Oil Patch: The 'Circle The Drain' Phase Begins - $BBEP $CHK $COP $LINE

By Bret Jensen It is hard to overstate the pain emanating from the domestic oil patch, as oil prices are now into a year and a half of an epic decline that has taken the price of crude down by some 70% Read Article

The Death Rattle Coming From The Oil Patch - $Oil $UNG $DWTI $UWTI

By Bret Jensen Eighteen months ago, oil was at $110 a barrel, drilling activity was robust, and Goldman Sachs had been predicting oil at $150 a barrel for some time at that point. One year ago, as crude was in the early innings Read Article

Will The 'Profit Recession' Continue In 2016? - $Oil $UNG $DWTI $UWTI

By Bret Jensen Stocks look like they are going to close out 2015 pretty much at the same levels they began the year. This is not an atrocious performance given valuations are just above historical highs. More importantly, profits within the S&P Read Article

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