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Author of the value investing newsletter detailing the formation of the “Punch Card Portfolio” called Value Investor Canada. Devon Shire is an accountant and an investor with 15 years experience managing a private portfolio. Devon Shire’s preferred portfolio management style is a concentrated approach, investing only when finding opportunities that offer a sufficient discount to the intrinsic value of a business.


Continental Resources' Harold Hamm - Not The First Billionaire Energy CEO To Boldly Remove His Hedges - $CLR

By Devon Shire Over the past five years, I've gotten very long North American light oil producers, and particularly Canadian ones that own big land bases in horizontal light oil plays. My reasoning for doing so is pretty simple: 1) I'm long term Read Article

Did The Market Miss The Fact That One OPEC Member Is Already Significantly (Voluntarily) Cutting Production? - #Oil #UNG

By Devon Shire What the entire world of oil producers and oil traders is dying to know is whether OPEC will defend the price of oil at its upcoming November 27 meeting. And here we are with an OPEC member voluntarily Read Article

Aveda Transportation - A Beneficiary Of The High-Speed Horizontal Treadmill - $AVE.V

By Devon Shire It doesn't happen very often, but I was actually well ahead of the curve on how big the combination of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing was going to be for North American oil production. I jumped on this Read Article

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