As an executive in the oil and gas business, you know first hand how important it is to have the right capital at the right time, allowing you to grow your company and increase value to all stakeholders. Traditional sources; commercial and investment banks with energy teams and oil and gas focused PE firms fill some of that need; but not all the time.

Envestor First is designed to help building your relationships with a large, international energy investor network of capital providers including family offices, institutional and retail money managers, private equity and high net worth individuals.

This is capital that buys both public and private equity, will buy non-operated working interests, funds acquisitions, invest in alternative structures and drilling programs. This network is difficult, if not impossible, for individual companies to access, and it’s equally difficult for them to learn about the opportunity you offer.

Envestor First has the most comprehensive database of international energy investors and we know the kinds of investments they like to make; which ones like equity, those that want working interests or will fund acquisitions. Envestor First will match your deal with the right capital at the right time.