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Hunter Stuart Energy Advisers, Inc. (“Hunter Stuart”) is a Colorado-based investment banking and advisory firm. We offer three services: bringing together buyers and sellers of oil and gas properties in successful property transactions, securing joint venture participation for high-quality drilling ventures, and raising equity or debt in association with Houston-based FINRA firm Alvarado Energy Associates. Our focus with property transactions and drilling joint ventures is generally in the $1 to $25 million range, although we have occasionally gotten involved in transactions up to $100 million in size. Our preference for equity or debt capital formation is in the $25 to $300 million range. Hunter Stuart is owned and managed by Jack Steinhauser, an oilman with thirty-four years of experience in the industry. Jack has been President of three public oil and gas exploration and development companies, with hands on experience putting together oil and gas projects in the U.S., Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Poland, and Bulgaria. Jack has had prior involvement with every aspect of the oil and gas business, which allows him to provide his clients guidance and solutions to their challenges based on broad-based, practical experience.


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