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NuEnergy Operating, Inc. was formed in August 2003 as a full service, fully integrated company that operates, drills, and completes oil and gas wells in the state of Michigan. They provide a broad range of services, both standard and custom, designed to meet our customers' demands. Accounting (OGSYS), Petroleum Engineering, Revenue Distribution, Joint Interest Billing, Land Management, Field Operations, and Supervision of Non-Operated Properties is but a partial list of services they deliver ON BUDGET and ON TIME.


Deal StructureAmountSummary
Working Interest$250,000.00NuEnergy Operating, Inc. of Gaylord, Michigan has developed a Niagaran Reef prospect, called the “Clarence 23/26 Prospect”, where 2D and 3D seismic identifies a reef in an area of proven reef production with areal extent of 125 to 150 acres. The Clarence 23/26 Prospect is located in Clarence Township (T1S-R4W) in northeast Calhoun County, Michigan. The Prospect is a step out on the eastern end of the Lee-Clarence reef platform, and has offset oil- and gas-filled reefs to the northwest, southwest, and southeast. The Clarence 23/26 Prospect has both 2D and 3D seismic confirmation of a reef anomaly, with thinning of A1 Carbonate, draping of A2 Carbonate, and evidence of reef build-up from isochron thickening and favorable seismic wave character. It is considered a “Class A Prospect” by local experts. There is 25% working interest remaining to be sold prior to drilling. Terms of participation are that working interest participants pay 100% of land costs, a prospect fee, and initial well drilling and completion costs to earn 80% working interest with an 80% net revenue interest.

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