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Company Information

Renovo is a privately held oil and gas E&P company focused on creating value through the strategic acquisition and development of high-growth and emerging plays in the southwest U.S. The company is led by an exemplary and decisive management team with more than 170 years of industry experience spanning all aspects of oil and gas development. The operating team (land, operations, engineering and business development) has worked 10+ years together at a large independent and has a proven track record across multiple horizontal plays. The geosciences team has been successfully geo-prospecting for 36 yrs. Due to a deep understanding of the oil and gas business, Renovo can execute quickly and efficiently. Expertise includes exploration, petroleum geology, asset evaluation, land acquisition, risk & economic analysis, reservoir engineering, drilling and completion, asset management and production optimization. Based in Oklahoma City and founded in 2016, Renovo’s strategy incorporates property acquisitions, grassroots leasing, farm-ins and joint ventures.


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