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E&P Update-Relative Value Tables

E&P Update-Relative Value Tables

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The IEA Monthly Oil Market Report was released on 9/13/2017. Global oil demand grew very strongly year-on-year in 2Q 2017, by 2.3 million b/d, up 2.4%. For 2017, the agency has revised upwards its growth estimate to 1.6 million b/d. “Demand growth continues to be stronger than expected, particularly in Europe and the U.S.,” the IEA said. OECD demand growth continues to be stronger than expected, particularly in Europe and the U.S. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are projected to slow U.S. oil demand growth in 3Q 2017.

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Global oil supply fell by 720,000 b/d in August due to unplanned outages and scheduled maintenance, mainly in non-OPEC countries. The first decline in four months cut supply to 97.7 million b/d. Compared to a year ago, output was up 1.2 million b/d as non-OPEC continued to show substantial growth.

OPEC crude output fell in August for the first time in five months, after renewed turmoil in Libya disrupted flows and others pumped less. Output decreased by 210,000 b/d from a 2017 high to 32.67 million b/d. The 12 members bound by OPEC’s supply pact raised their compliance rate to 82% from 75% during July. For the year as whole their compliance rate is 86%.

OECD commercial stocks were unchanged in July at 3,016 million barrels. The surplus over the five-year average fell to 190 million barrels. OECD product stocks were only 35 million barrels above the five-year average at end-July and could soon fall below it because of the impact of Hurricane Harvey.
The IEA also said the impact from Hurricane Harvey on U.S. oil markets in the Gulf Coast was easing and its impact on global markets was likely to be relatively short-lived, although it would possibly help inventories rebalance more quickly.

The IEA revised down the global refinery throughput forecast for the third quarter of 2017 by 0.7 million b/d due to Harvey. “This results in global refined product undersupply for the second consecutive quarter,” the IEA said.

On 9/11/2017, Reuters reported worsening clashes among tribes and a political void is threatening security at oil installations in Iraq’s main southern oil producing region, officials and security sources said. Iraq has concentrated security forces in the north and west to retake territory lost to the Sunni extremist group Islamic State in 2014. That has created a void in the south, home to Iraq’s biggest oilfields, where fighting between rival Shi‘ite Muslim tribes over farmland, state construction contracts and land ownership has worsened in the past few weeks. The surge in violence risks undermining government plans to lure new investment to the oil and gas sector it needs to revive an economy hit by a surge in security spending and destruction by Islamic State. Stability in Basra, the main southern city at the edge of the Gulf, is of vital importance as a hub for oil exports accounting for over 95 percent of government revenues. Officials said tribal clashes had not affected oil output yet. But this could change as recent fighting with mortars and machine guns had come close to the key West Qurna oil phase 1, West Qurna phase 2 and Majnoon oilfields north of Basra city.
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Distribution of IB Services Firmwide IB Serv./Past 12 Mos. as of 09/18/17
Rating Count Percent Count Percent
Buy [B] 223 71.25 118 52.91
Neutral [N] 45 14.38 20 44.44
Sell [S] 5 1.60 3 60.00
Under Review [UR] 36 11.50 21 58.33


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