“$5-10 Per Barrel Is Possible,” says Bloomberg’s Senior Energy Economist Rob Barnett $DWTI $DUG $UWTI $FAZ $FAS

Harry Dent: “Rolling market crash coming, Fracking bubble over!”

Originally Aired: 02-27-15
Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6NZWzCtF1Q
Bloomberg’s Senior Energy Economist Rob Barnett:

Originally Aired: 03-03-15
Original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7DhpLsroAI

About Harry Dent:

Dent is the Founder of HS Dent Investment Management, an investment firm based in Tampa, Florida that advises, and markets, the Dent Strategic Portfolio Fund mutual fund. Dent is also the president and founder of the Dent Research and H.S. Dent Publishing. Dent writes and markets an economic newsletter that reviews the economy in the US and around the world by focusing on generational consumer spending patterns, as well as financial markets, and has written nine books, of which two recent ones have been bestsellers. The basis of Dent’s investment thesis, spending wave theory, is that consumer spending related to the generational formation of families has a profound effect on the market value of investments such as financial securities, real estate, and gold. Dent’s spending wave theory posits that young adults spend little within the greater economy, that spending increases while rearing children, peaks as children leave home, and then slows during the last 15 years of working life (48-63). According to Dent, the decreased spending patterns of the current generation of US Baby boomers entering retirement will cause a pronounced downturn in the greater macro-economy and an associated decline in the value of financial markets.

About Rob Barnett:

Rob Barnett, an Energy Policy Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, is a seasoned energy professional with over 10 years experience advising energy companies, policy makers and investors. Barnett specializes in energy sector economics, environmental policy and strategy, and Washington’s impact on the energy sector. Before joining Bloomberg Intelligence, he was Bloomberg Government’s Senior Energy Economist; and previously, he was an Associate Director of Climate Change and Clean Energy at IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates. At IHS CERA, he led the environmental and energy analysis for various studies, including Growth in the Canadian Oil Sands: Finding the New Balance, and Crossing the Divide: The Future of Clean Energy. Barnett holds a master’s degree in economics from Boston University and undergraduate and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Clemson University.

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