Our assets are our relationships and we know how important an investor’s network is to the success of their investments. Being able to access real-time macro data or individual company or fund intelligence is critical to sourcing, evaluating and managing investments within the energy sector.

Envestor First was organized by investors in order to address the need or lack of available source of actionable energy intelligence in one comprehensive place that favored the energy investor in terms of access to information and eliminating bias by aligning interests between the platform and the investor. Envestor First was designed to remove the self serving that goes on within the sell side investment community and empower investors through a service only structure to the sell side removing conflicts and improving the efficiency of evaluating and executing investment opportunities.

Through the platform and investor relations team Envestor First is able to help you articulate your investment mandates to the proper relationships. Whether that be international or domestic, public company or private company, working interest or alternative fund structure, Envestor First is your partner to source and build your critical relationships.