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“The United States is the Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas” – Greg Michaels, Chairman and CEO of Monkey Island LNG Monkey Island LNG was created to take financial advantage of the energy revolution occurring in the United States and the global demand for clean-burning U.S. natural gas. Early stage investors in a similar U.S. LNG export project to Monkey Island LNG made 3,000% on their investment in just 5 years, according to Cheniere Energy’s 2014 Annual Report. Monkey Island LNG has plans to develop a $6.5 billion U.S. natural gas export facility. The Company has acquired a 246-acre project site in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and has signed preliminary non-binding sales memorandums of understandings representing over $20 billion in potential revenue. The Company has also received authorization from the Department of Energy (DOE) to export 12 mtpa of LNG to countries with whom the U.S. has a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and has a pending application on file with the DOE for its non-FTA export authorization. Monkey Island LNG is poised to be one of the only LNG companies in the world with the ability to offer its customers a 20-year fixed price on its natural gas feedstock for a portion of its planned 15.75 million tons per annual (mtpa) LNG export facility. The 20-year fixed price will provide its customers with greater price certainty in what has traditionally been a volatile energy market. The Company believes the 20-year fixed price will create a long-term strategic and competitive advantage for the Monkey Island LNG project. The Company has plans to export inexpensive and abundant U.S. natural gas from its future facility on Monkey Island.


Deal StructureAmountSummary
Private Equity$10,000,000.00$10MM Common Shares of Stock - Equity. To develop a sustainable world scale U.S. clean energy project. The company has already received Export Authorization from the U.S. Department of Energy. 1. The Company plans to complete and submit its application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in the 3Q18; 2. The Company expects to receive its FERC authorization to construct approximately 24 months after submitting the FERC application; and The Company expects financial close will take place soon thereafter Proceeds from the sale of Common Shares of Stock will be used to continue funding the development of the Monkey Island LNG project in Cameron Parish in the State of Louisiana. This includes but is not limited to, marketing of the LNG project globally, advancement of engineering, contracting, and ongoing operations..

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